Keane Software Solutions Ltd has extensive experience in the selection and implementation of ERP solutions for the SME.

An ERP solution provider, whether reseller or direct ERP vendor, will very often be confident that their solution is the best for you! But how can you evaluate the different proposed solutions and select the one that best suits the needs of your organisation?


For most SME's answering this question is a very difficult and time consuming task with inherent risk and far reaching consequence.

Although more and more ERP providers serving the SME space are aligning to best practice on business processes, their experiences in specific markets and their functional focuses can differ significantly. Standard ERP solutions are exactly that, if you have specific needs or are in what is termed a 'Vertical' market then you may find yourself looking to 'Add-In' markets or Software Development companies (SDK) to bridge the gap to the standard ERP solution. This can introduce further partnerships and risk to your project.

The starting point for any business will be a driving 'need'. If you are a 'green' field site this maybe that you do not currently have an integrated ERP system, for a established business this maybe the need to integrate 'disparate systems' which are costly and inefficient. Other driving 'needs' maybe related to changes in 'IT infrastructure', and changes in company structure or market focus.

No matter what the driving 'need' maybe, there will be a business benefit been sought and a related cost to achieving that benefit. Its key that the chosen solution meets your needs, be readily accepted and achieves the results expected by management and other stakeholders.

business processes

At Keane Software Solutions the directors and consultants have assisted businesses in these processes from early concept and evaluation right through to the selection and implementation of the chosen ERP system.

If your organisation is currently reviewing its ERP solution or business processes and you require Independent advice, we can help no matter what stage in the process you are at.