Our Services cover the full life cycle of the ERP selection and implementation.

All our directors and consultants have over 10 years experience in implementing ERP solutions in the SME sector.

Some of the areas we offer consultancy and assistance with are as follows:

  • Evaluating the 'need' for a new ERP system
  • Review of current Business Processes with a view to highlighting 'Areas of improvement'
  • Work-shopping requirements with internal workgroups with a view to putting together Requirements and 'Invitation to Tender' documents.
  • Shortlisting potential ERP suppliers that closely match your needs.
  • Evaluation of the short-listed ERP vendors on amongst others:
    • Demonstration of proposed solution
    • Product features and technology used
    • Contract Terms and implementation method.
    • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Project Management of the chosen ERP Solution
    • Act as the internal Project Manager, working and co-ordinating activities with the ERP Vendor and other third parties.
    • Manage and co-ordinate the project with internal project teams and steering committees
  • Project Management of the chosen ERP Solution
  • Post Implementation review of the ERP solution
  • As an impartial party where independent advice in required

This is not an exclusive list of where we have and where we can assist. For further information where we can help please contact us.